monday morning message #64

So it’s been a while…

I’ve got no excuse other than the fact that I had some personal matters to deal with (things that are considered good news in general, but in my particular situation I considered them bad news and got told I “over-reacted” and so I ended up being a little depressed about what I can’t change in the first place. You know that feeling when no one bothers to try and understand your point of view? Anyway, let’s not get into further detail here – let’s just say I spent my days in bed doing nothing or at work and neither was much fun).

So on this note here’s today’s monday morning message:

{via Madame Mia - click for source}

Now yesterday I decided to “feel good anyway” and finally attempted my come-back in the kitchen.

Obviously, I spend my days baking all the time anyway, but work is so much different from baking at home, so it was good to get back to it.

First I made…

… Oreo cupcakes.

{Oreo bikkies turn 100 this year – in case you need a reason to make some Oreo cupcakes yourself. I’ll post the recipe later.}

And while I waited for the frosting to cool down to proceed further, I spent my time making…

… Black and White Chocolate Bark with coconut, almonds, hazelnut brittle and rainbow sprinkles.

So I guess it’s fair to say: I’m back.

Life is a roller-coaster ride and after going down, you have to go back up again – and I am on my way back up for certain!

4 thoughts on “monday morning message #64

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  2. Thanks for the encouraging words, Bella! It’s difficult though, when your family is involved and you see people you love wasting their lives for things they don’t want to happen but allow them to happen anyway… But you’re right: actually, it’s none of my business. Their problem and although it hurts me not to be a part of their lives anymore, it might be better to let go of what I can’t hold on to and move on to other things. My choice. 🙂

  3. You most definitely are back, lady, and I’m glad to hear it! The best way to not let the comments of others bother us is to think that the opinions of others are not our business. Keep the faith and remember, there’s always someone waiting to tear us down. Don’t let them! 🙂

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