… and a cupcake fairytale

Seems like April is study month on coffeerocketfairytale.

I have yet another fun chart for you to look it, except this time it’s not about coffee but about my second great love: cupcakes.

Here we go, a beautiful chart by All Culinary School (via Best Friends For Frosting):

I bet you want a cupcake (or two or three or maybe even four?) really badly now, right?

Well, for some baking inspiration, have a look at my creations (in the ‘small goodies’ section).

For some food porn (= looking at pictures of delicious food you wished you had) try a web search or simply go and see what I’ve pinned onto “Cake Inspiration” on Pinterest.

I will opt for a combination of option no. 1 and 3 – which means I’ll be heading down to my kitchen to make myself some cupcakes (but try a new recipe or even create a new one, depending on what I’ll find in the fridge).

Make sure to let me know what you guys ended up doing!


3 thoughts on “… and a cupcake fairytale

  1. Thank you for the comments, ladies!
    @sterlingsop: In one of my recipe books there is a recipe for fairy cakes and they are delicious, too. Also, I don’t particularly like the typical American cupcakes – they’re a bit too sweet for me, but I love the variations and multiple creations.

  2. We have always called them “fairy cakes” in the UK, but recently, in the last couple of years or so, they have been renamed “cupcakes”. I doubt many English people will know why they are called cupcakes but it’s another example of the Americanisation of our cuisine and language. Fairy cakes are slightly different, and “vive la difference!!!!” I say!

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