I May Love

May is always the best of all months.

In May, the coolest things happen.


Like my birthday, for example. And along with my birthday comes one week off work (because my boss reckons taking one week off is better than taking one day off, so whenever I want a day off I get a week off). So I’ve got a birthday and a holiday coming up.

In the past few years, the coolest things have happened in May: I got given tickets to my very first concert (a Bon Jovi show, of course), I went to the coolest places in May, I met the coolest people in May.

Take this week, for instance.

On Monday night, I met UPI journalist and bestselling author Martin Walker – and apparently I look like Pamela, one of the characters in his books.

At least that’s what he told me when I handed him my copy of his book to sign: “I like your hair, it has the colour of Pamela’s in the book. You look exactly like her, exactly like how she looks. I really like it.”

Naturally, I was starstruck.

And now I regret it.

Just imagine how exciting it would have been to find out more about his life as a journalist and writer.

How did he get his career started? Did his younger self ever feel like all the effort he put into becoming a journalist lead to nothing (like I did which is why I’m currently more of a pastry chef than a journo)? What does it feel like to be a war reporter?

What inspired him to write his Bruno series? Where does he get the inspiration for his writing from? And what are his sources – I mean, does he actually KNOW all these things he writes about or is an awful lot of research involved in all his works?

Now, two days later, all these questions pop to my head and I could go on and on and on and on forever. How cool would it be to sit down with a good cup of coffee and just talk and get answers to all these questions? Like, in person.

Oh, I guess I’m still starstruck.

{Sorry for the lack of pics, but my dad has taken pictures on Monday night but hasn’t sent them to me yet.} 


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