Boys Night Out | WEEKEND WIN UP #65

Pizza. Beer. Soccer.

I’m having a typical boys night out tonight.

Except… I’m not going out. And… I’m not a boy. Actually, there aren’t any boys involved at all. Truth be told, there is nobody involved except myself. And the 22 men on telly, chasing a leather ball (28, if you count the referees and coaches, too).

Yes, the European championship UEFA EURO is on again and tonight is Germany’s first match against Portugal.

Portugal was actually one of the first teams I ever cheered for… that was when I was a teenager and hardly interested in watching ANY kind of sports on telly – I rather enjoyed watching Mediterranean types – Luís Figo, as a matter of fact – in tight shorts running up and down a nicely mowed lawn.

So yeah… that was the story of how I discovered soccer…

Luís Figo remains my one and only soccer-crush ever but since he’s no playing for Portugal anymore, I will concentrate solely on the match. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Boys Night Out | WEEKEND WIN UP #65

  1. This made me smile – I’m a big fan of Figo too, it makes me sad not to see him running around with the other Portuguese guys! Also, congrats on winning – I support Portugal (as I’m actually Portuguese though I’ve lived in England most of my life), but I actually missed that game! We’re both through to the quarter finals though – yay! And may the best team win 😉


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