Cake troubles and Math mysteries

To start off with a little warning for you guys: I’m brimming over with self-confidence today so if you feel like I appear a little more self-assured than usual… (you know, if I say things like: “Oh my goodness, I would totally win the EURO if one player could enter the contest without the other ten dudes…” – I hereby apologize in advance).

I’m flying today. FLYING.

Wanna know why? – Oh boy, it’s complicated.

My week is super-busy, especially since my parents drove up to the Baltic Sea for holidays. And you know what kind of weird stuff happens when my parents go away, right? 

Nana jumps at each and every opportunity as soon as my parents are out of town – so this time she asked me to make a cake.

Well, since I’m working at a bakery that shouldn’t be too big of a deal, right!?

Or so I thought… because Grandma insists on a lot of things. Let’s recall the conversation I had with her when she called me in the morning of my only day off in two weeks time:

Nana: “I need a pea cake. But my arm is still hurt from back when I had it broken. Would you mind making a pea cake for me?”
Me: “Is it for the musical society’s charity concert? That’s no problem, Grandma, I can make a cake for you.”
Nana: “Yes, but it has to be a pea cake.”
Me: “You said so. I’ll make a pea cake for you and bring it over on Sunday morning.”
Nana: “Yes, but you ought to make it on Saturday or Friday even. It tastes better if it can sit overnight.”
Me: “Nana, I’ve got school and work every day and the weekend is going to be super-busy, but I’ll see when I can squeeze it in. You’re going to have your cake on Sunday morning.”
Nana: “But it has to be a pea cake. I already bought some peas, the ones I always used.”
Me: “Nana, I’ve got some at home already, I’ve got all the ingredients here. Don’t worry about it.”
Nana: “What diameter is your cake pan?”
Me: “Gosh, I don’t know. I have five or four different ones. I suppose the smallest would be 20cm and the largest probably 28 or 30cm.”
Nana: “Yeah, but you know I always used my own tin. And that was larger. About 32.”
Me: “Nana, I don’t think 2cm matter that much. It only means that the cake might end up being slightly taller, but it’s no significant difference.”

No kidding, the conversation went on like this for twenty-frickin-minutes.  It’s the graveyard story all over again, I swear.

So anyway, apart from the “normal business”, Nana adds a significant amount of stress to my life – and so does culinary school.

This week we had what my boss called “the big test” and what is formally known as “the layer cake project”: 12 hours to make a 30x40cm filled layer cake (and a second smaller one for our teacher to try) including a topper and decoration to go with the topic “I have a vision”.

We worked in pairs and my class and work mate Lisa and I decided to make a chocolate sponge cake with raspberry and passionfruit cream filling in two layers, covered with blue Massa Bianca (Ticino).

For the topper we made a sugar mould and cast a world map on which we drew little routes in different colours, showing which way our future may lead us one day.

We made little figurines and miniature symbols like houses, wedding rings, cakes and signs to put onto the map.

Right from the beginning everything that could possibly go wrong did go wrong indeed: the sponge cake was burnt on the outside and raw on the inside, the marzipan figurines didn’t stick together, the cream fillings were either too liquid or had gelatine blobs, the sugar had air bubbles…

But we continued to work hard and eliminated our mistakes and in the end we were pretty pleased with how our cake(s) had turned out:

I bet you can guess why I am so super-happy… yes! That’s right, we got an 1,0 for that one and achieved the best grade in class. Yay!

On another note, we were supposed to write a Maths exam today (and I suck at Maths, I really do, I find it very difficult to understand and work very hard to achieve grades I’m okay with).

But because last night Germany played Netherlands (and won! Time for another YAY!) and the entire class was oh-so-tired today the exam was postponed.

We got the questions though (and will get new ones when we write the actual test next week), so that we could test ourselves. Turns out, I was the only one who knew what to do with each and every text problem AND GOT ALL THE ANSWERS RIGHT!!!

Sometimes I’m too awesome for this world.


One thought on “Cake troubles and Math mysteries

  1. I think you’re too awesome for this world always, lady! Congratulations on your grade, your win, and coming through with nana’s pea cake! I loved, loved your conversation with her! I was in stitches reading it! You’ve got to love grandmothers. They sure teach us how to increase of patience level! hee hee! 🙂

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