End of the summer

Woah, time flies. This year has gone by pretty quickly, don’t you think?

12 months ago I just started out as a pastry chef – my second career after being a journalist for a little while. At that time I was a little desperate, I guess… wondering whether what I was doing was the right thing.

Turns out it was.

One year later, I am an aspiring pastry chef, lover of cakes and life, and pretty happy with who I am.

A lot has happened during summer – that much that I actually didn’t find the time (and the motivation, I have to admit) to blog about it. My life was a roller coaster ride.

I lost touch with some of my friends – and even with family at one time, I reconciled with my arch-enemy, I became auntie of a cute little baby boy (of whose existence I didn’t know for more than a week into his life), I made new friends and met old friends I haven’t seen in years and I made a fabulous Grace Kelly-themed cake.

It would probably bore the heck out of you if I explain each and every aspect of each and every story to you but let me give you a brief look on what has happened in the past weeks. (Oh, and allow me to brag a little about the cake… it’s awesome. And made out of styrophone because it’s a show piece for a competition at iba
World Market for Baking
in Munich. But it’s awesome, even when made of styrophone.) 

Also, I have been in the news more often than I have been reporting news. So I guess that makes it official: I’m not practising as a journo anymore. (For the moment, that is. I still believe that one day I might go back to journalism.) The local paper did an interview with me about my job and another time they did a story on ice-cream production.

But the biggest scoop is my continuing holiday drama.

Remember in July when I desperately wanted to go on holiday and my best friend stood me up and in the end I went without anybody else, all by myself?

Well, listen to this: shortly after my trip to Greece I talked to one of my mates about his holiday and he said he didn’t know where to go and he didn’t really want to go alone. So I jokingly said I’d go with him if my boss would give me a week off. Well, during summer I totally forgot about the conversation I had but three weeks ago when I saw my mate again, he asked me whether I’d go on holiday with him. Coincidentally, my boss allowed me to go, too, and so we went to see the travel agent the other day and then spontaneously booked a trip to Turkey, starting next Tuesday.

Now I’m pretty much broke but so happy. I’m going on holiday. And I won’t be alone this time. The freaky part is: I’m going with a mate I hardly know. I mean, we usually only spend time with each other when the whole clique does something together, like going to a party or something. So I’ve got no clue what his interests are or how he usually spends his days… but that’s the exciting part about it too!

Perfect end of summer, isn’t it!?

2 thoughts on “End of the summer

  1. Sabrina, this sounds like a once in a life time opportunity! My goodness, talk about the fulfillment of dreams! This has adventure, venturing into the unknown, and hopefully, enjoying yourself with someone you’re not familiar with. I do hope you will do a blog post about it! And here we were talking about dreams this morning on my blog! I’m so happy for you! Enjoy yourself, lady! 🙂

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