Side Cinderella {or: “Two Princes”}

Cinderella is looking for her shoe.

It got lost on the day of September 29, in the midst of an outdoor adventure somewhere in Turkey.

The day started with sunny 22°C at 7.35am when Cinderella rushed for breakfast. A couple of blinis and a cup of coffee later, Cinderella gathered her skirt and ran for her pumpkin carriage. A bumpy ride through magical forests, over lonesome sand dunes and past mystical creatures lead her to a mysterious castle, hidden in the mountains. The place cast a spell on Cinderella. She wanted to get there and swapped her pumpkin carriage for a floating raft since conquering the river would be the fastest way to reach the castle.

But the white water rapids were relentless and the water, as crystal clear as morning dew, felt almost frozen on Cinderella’s porcelain skin. When one extra hazardous wave caught the raft, Cinderella got covered at high tide and her shoes were washed away. One brave knight in shining armour returned the princess’ left shoe, but the right one remained missing up to this late day. (Cinderella was forced to wear another shoe, found by a nearby pathway, and hence made a fool of herself.)

One, two princes who would like to return Cinderella’s shoe, please get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or by leaving a comment below. (Need to live in a pretty castle with horses and cats. And need to like Rock’n’Roll. And need to be nice. And handsome would be good, too. And funny. No further requirements stated.)

“Yeeeeeaaaahhhh…. one, two princes kneel before you, that’s what I said now, princes, princes who adore you….” 


2 thoughts on “Side Cinderella {or: “Two Princes”}

  1. Haha, no offers so far, Bella! 🙂 But I’ll let you know if someone throws a shoe at me, hahaha! (Does that count as a political incorrect joke? If so, I’m sorry…) Glad, I made you smile, though.

  2. Lady, I can see you’re not asking for much. Hence, I’m certain you will be swamped with offers! hee hee! This post made me smile–big! 🙂

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