Blog Revamp I

“It’s time to begin, isn’t it? I get a little bit bigger than this…”

Change. At the beginning of this week I had already given you a teeny-tiny hint that I was planning to make some changes to the blog. Very little was planned. What I wanted to do was improving things a little… you know… the odd changes here… minor tweaks there… a little bit of this, a little bit of that. The outcome of what had quickly turned into a full time job over the past two days (and nights) blew me away.

Bild 2

You can see the obvious: I’ve ended up designing a new blog header. All I wanted to do was getting my categories better organised. Then I started playing around with typography and a photo of strawberry daiquiry cupcakes I once made… and ended up with what you see right at the top. Naturally, I also had to adjust the background colours. And the typeface. And here were are, looking at the very same coffeerocketfairytale in a completely different look.

Other than all that awesome desgin work, there has been a lot of background action happening. Again, it wasn’t planned to take on a dramatic scale like that. But once I got started… I wanted to get some structure in, so I did a category-make-over. You can view all of the categories in the bottom left corner, clicking onto the category cloud allows you to view all posts filed under each category. To make things around here a bit more fun, I set up a whole bunch of new categories:



Art & Craft – All things arty and crafty. Pretty stuff.


Obsessions & Impressions – I thought it would be a neat idea to put up a category for all the awesome stuff. For everything that is even more awesome than anything else here. The Crème de la Crème. And all my “Currently obsessed with…”-posts.


Eye Candy – Actually, this is mostly ear candy because it’s mostly about watching videos. It’s where you find musicians (and other people) I admire and things I enjoy to look at. Picture posts, galleries…


Stubentiger – This is Luigi’s category. It’s where all cat- or pet-related posts are filed under. It also files under “cuteness alert”.


In my kitchen – What happens in my kitchen, stays in my kitchen. And goes on the blog. This is the category where failure and success go hand in hand. The category for dessert and desaster.

Then there is Blogging where all blogging-related posts go (blogging tips, references, posts about other blog(er)s, tech stuff,…) and C’est la vie which files all posts about life in general and my life in particular.

Over the next few days, I want to find a place in the main bar for all these categories. I have a feeling that all this action will lead to even more changes and improvements. It’s fair to say I’m really sticking to my New Year’s resolutions. I’m definitely getting all organised.


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