Art & Craft // 13.1

1 // Elizabeth Payton: Catherine & François, 1969


{via Contemporary Art Blog // click for source}

I really like this picture, although I’m not even able to tell you what exactly intrigues me most about it. The paper, definitely. But also the look on the lady’s face. Is she bored? Pissed off with him because he pays more attention to the paper than to her beauty? Sad? And what about him? Is he bored by his reading (or her)? Or concentrated? Is it even a newspaper he’s reading – or maybe the menu in a fancy restaurant? — Ah, I love making up stories to pictures….

2 // Cute crochet deer


{via // click for source}

Isn’t it super-cute? This would be such a perfect self-made gift for a little girl…

3 // D.I.Y.: 2013 Memory Jar

Bild 2

I found this little project a while ago on Pinterest and I quite liked the idea of collecting all your favourite moments of a year in a jar, so that on New Year’s Eve, you can take the papers out of the jar and read them again. For my 2013 Memory Jar, I used a plain marmelade jar from the supermarket, spray-painted the lid golden (to cover the brand logo), used some washi tape to label it – and voilà, finished. The first thing I put into were the results of the lead-pouring we did on New Year’s Eve. {F.Y.I.: Mine turned into some sort of Venetian mask or weird glasses or whatever. But no one was able to tell me what that means for my future…}

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