Art & Craft // Tees

Hey everyone!

I just hit the home stretch of my apprenticeship as a confectioner and am stuck in my studies with exams, papers and presentations up to my chin. What an exciting time! In less than 3 months everything will be over.

Even more exciting is the fact that I will have to decide what to do (and where to go) next. You probably remember me saying that “in 2013 I’ll go back to New Zealand”. Well. It is the year of 2013 now. And I’m reeeeaaallly homesick. And get even more homesick when project like the following remind me of how lovely the Kiwis are.

Look at these lovely shirts:

Bild 1

They were designed to celebrate the hot and sunny summer of 2012/2013 (which is the reason why Germany/middle-Europe had such a crappy winter, thank you very much!) and only a true Kiwi or a person who knows and understands Kiwi humour can get the message when looking at the “Beehive” popsicle or the bee… I love it!

The first and the second are my favourites. Which one do you like best? Anyway, they totally deserve to be posted in the Art & Craft category, don’t you think?!

I’ve been thinking a lot about New Zealand and about all these things I love about the Kiwis lately (good music, good coffee, awesome personalities…) but sadly it looks as if it’s going to take a little longer than expected before I get back. Hm.


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