Hello and Welcome to my coffeerocketfairytales!

 My name is Sabrina and I am a journalist, pastry chef in training, coffee addict, music lover, cat person, travel maniac. coffeerocketfairytale is a never ending story, a work in progress, a journey and an unfinished piece of art altogether.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, tipps or any other comment to make, please feel free to either comment my posts directly or flick me an email (coffeerocketfairytale INSERT AT googlemail.com).
I hope you like what you see and that I see you again!

Have fun!

✩ Sabrina ✩

WHO AM I? ~ Get to know me:

Want to know more? Ask me! Chances are that you’ll get an answer (unless it’s intimidating).


WHAT IS coffeerocketfairyland?

♥  a blog
♥  a bunch of thoughts
♥  a collection of useful tipps and links to make life brighter
♥  an addition of colour to a world of hectic and chaos
♥  a visual firework of creativity and inspiration

I am not entirely new to blogging, although this time I feel like this is the first time I blog. This is because my other blogs are not creative, really. They are abstract pieces of interesting stuff – but they have a real “topic”. INTERNATIONAL DEPARTURES was my first blog and started off as a project at journalism school last year. So it’s all straight-forward and reporting-style. I like it and I still use it, but it doesn’t leave much space for creativity. AOTEAROABLOG is a blog I primarily started for friends and family while I spent time overseas, so that they could follow what I was doing. I don’t blog there at the moment, because this is a “travel” blog. Not in a sense that it is about travelling itself, it’s more like a journal or almost a diary even and a special place for special adventures.

They say all good things come in triplets, so this is my third attempt. coffeerocketfairytale is primarily about fun and style. Cool things, interesting things, creative people – whatever beeps under my radar. I have a fair idea in mind of how it could be, but it will be a journey to find out how it will be.


WHY “coffeerocketfairyland”?

Coffee – because I like it. The smell, the flavour, the feeling when you wrap your hands around a warm takeaway cup while snowflakes fall around you… Sigh. Yes, I’m an addict, I know. It’s a family thing, what will you do?
Rocket – because it reminds me of all the things I associate with rockets: stars, night, blue, the sky, darkness, eternity, flames, sparkle, astronauts, “A trip to the stars” (my favourite book), music and much, much more. All things beautiful.
Fairyland – well… Fairyland is where the creativity for this blog and my work comes from and goes to. It’s an imaginary place, somewhere over the rainbow, where fairy tales come true and happiness reigns. Naive? Childish? Maybe. But wherelse do you think do good things come from?


coffeerocketfairytale INTERACTION:

This blog is not just about me, it is also about you: my readership. It’s not only for reading, but also for communicating and interacting with others. So please let me know if there is anything I can do for you (anything special you would like to read about here?).

Get in touch, post comments, tell me what you think!

I am looking forward to hearing from you and will upload your comments after I had a first glance at them. Please be patient with me, sometimes I’m just a little chaos queen and get things mixed up – but I sure will reply to your emails or comments eventually. Thank you very much! Hope to hear from you soon!


NOTICE: Please do realise that this blog is my own intellectual property. The photographs and images displayed were designed/taken by me (unless stated otherwise). If you want to use any of the texts/images or any other stuff that you see here for your own blog/website or other purposes, please feel free to do so as long as you let me know and give attribution to my work. Please note, if you try out some of the recipes or other suggestions: These are just SUGGESTIONS – I am not reliable and have nothing to do with it, if anything goes wrong. Also note that the links and websites as well as other publications I refer to on this and my other blogs (and on the internet in general) may not show my own thoughts, views, opinion,… – I do not have any influence on how content is being displayed on these pages and therefore am not responsible for anything that is being displayed on those pages.

8 thoughts on “About

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  3. hey im studying the journalism diploma at whitireia atm and read a story about your class and wot they got up to in 2010 and that you r in england working for a music mag??!! r u still working for that mag- which one? how did you get the job? how long after the dip did u get it? i love music and would love to travel and write for a music mag -thats why i am asking so many questions!! look forward to hearing from you,

    Abby Brown- feel free to email me at abby.brown@newswire.co.nz

  4. Love reading this stuff about you . . . I’m a coffee chick, myself, so anyone who has a love for the coffee God is a friend of mine.

  5. @Zahara
    Thank you! I love making collages, so it just seemed obvious… I’m going to head over to your blog and have a look around.

  6. just stumbled upon your blog, looks like fun, i’ll be back! I like how you made a collage and photographed it for your header, great idea for this techno-challenged blogger.
    Check out my blog if you have a minute. Take care.

  7. @newzbie
    Jesus, I didn’t even expect anything to read this. You know, after I read something about media law and blog-related law in Germany, I freaked out a bit… They really know how to scare a person, these people who make the laws.
    Thanks for the link! Oh yeah, don’t tell me about stories on fairtrade coffee. Been there, done that. (That horrible video must still be somewhere on NewsWire. May no one ever find it again!). But yes, fairtrade is very important, indeed.

  8. That is truly a thorough disclaimer, everything covered…sorry couldn’t help myself. Well As you know I also love coffee. I watched this http://tiny.cc/79436 doco on the production of the bean recently. I had been aware of this as my boss told me about it 6 years ago, but to see the realities…goes to show the importance of supporting fairtrade.

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