Art & Craft // Tees

Hey everyone!

I just hit the home stretch of my apprenticeship as a confectioner and am stuck in my studies with exams, papers and presentations up to my chin. What an exciting time! In less than 3 months everything will be over.

Even more exciting is the fact that I will have to decide what to do (and where to go) next. You probably remember me saying that “in 2013 I’ll go back to New Zealand”. Well. It is the year of 2013 now. And I’m reeeeaaallly homesick. And get even more homesick when project like the following remind me of how lovely the Kiwis are.

Look at these lovely shirts:

Bild 1

They were designed to celebrate the hot and sunny summer of 2012/2013 (which is the reason why Germany/middle-Europe had such a crappy winter, thank you very much!) and only a true Kiwi or a person who knows and understands Kiwi humour can get the message when looking at the “Beehive” popsicle or the bee… I love it!

The first and the second are my favourites. Which one do you like best? Anyway, they totally deserve to be posted in the Art & Craft category, don’t you think?!

I’ve been thinking a lot about New Zealand and about all these things I love about the Kiwis lately (good music, good coffee, awesome personalities…) but sadly it looks as if it’s going to take a little longer than expected before I get back. Hm.


D.I.Y. // Hearty Pin Cushion & Box

Today I have a little D.I.Y. for you: a pin cushion-box-set.


My mum had this very old but practical little plastic box/pin cushion-all-in-one set. That kind where you have a little box to store your pins but also a little pin cushion on top, so you can use it for storage as well as work with it. Naturally plastic wears out, so a little while ago the box broke and mum has been looking for a new one for months. In the end, I bought a little wooden box and decided to make one myself. And today I’d like to share with you how I did it.

This little project is one I like for various reasons: it’s cheap (I went under €5, especially because it includes things you will find in most households anyway), it’s easy (suuuuper-easy, believe me), it’s quickly done (because it’s so easy) and there are thousands of possibilities in terms of colours, size and looks. I used a heart in a different colour to be in the centre of the pin cushion, but in fact you can use any shape you want, a star, a rainbow, even a unicorn I guess (given the fact you can cut out a unicorn free-hand – I couldn’t). And above all, it looks cute.

First, I spray-painted the little box gold (mainly because I still have so much spray-paint left-over and because I really like using it). Then I collected all material I wanted to use: two different colours of felting (you can go with only one colour or with even more, if you like), a needle and matching thread (I used pink, but blue would have looked great, too), a pair of scissors, darning wool, a few safety pins and some mod podge(1). 

I used a plain sqaure of 13×13 cm in pink (the box is about 5 cm in diameter), folded it in half and cut out half a heart in the centre of the felting (2).

Bild 2I cut out a smaller square of blue felting (the size depends on the size of the heart, it should be slightly bigger than the cut-out heart) and attached it on the back (3), handstitching along the edges of the heart (4).

I put a small fist-full of darning wool in the centre of the square (still on the back where you can only see the blue square obviously), brought the four corners together and used a few wild stitches and two safety pins to bring the edges together and turn it all into a little round-ish package. As you can see in the picture below, my stitches are really wild and this looks rather unprofessional – but the safety pins (from which you can only see one, because the other one is covered by two or three layers of felting) are really helpful, especially if you are using a really thin thread like I did. 

Bild 3

Eventually, I applied some mod podge to the lid of the little golden box and put the pin cushion on top. It took about 12 hours to dry but now you can’t even see the safety pins. I put in some pins and also stuck some into the pin cushion and voilà – the gift was ready to be presented to my mum (who, by the way, is really happy to finally have that old, broken plastic box replaced). 


Art & Craft // 13.2 | WEEKEND WIND UP #72

1 // This: 


{via: – artist unknown – let me know if you know anything!}

2 // The art works of Hossam Hassan. This one reminds me of India for some reason (and of two of my Kiwi friends who currently spend a few months there): 

3 // Another amazing collage called “Dove”. So amazing: 

Currently obsessed with…

1. Monkey Island – I really don’t know what took me so long to get the Special Edition for Playstation 3, but I got it the week before last and I’ve been hooked since. It’s like having one never-ending déjà-vu… I used to watch my older brother play it 13 years ago so when I play it now it’s a bit like travelling back in time. Amazing.


2. Knitting – Totally re-discovered needlework and at the moment, it’s knitting. I try to teach myself how to knit socks using four and five needles.


Art & Craft // 13.1

1 // Elizabeth Payton: Catherine & François, 1969


{via Contemporary Art Blog // click for source}

I really like this picture, although I’m not even able to tell you what exactly intrigues me most about it. The paper, definitely. But also the look on the lady’s face. Is she bored? Pissed off with him because he pays more attention to the paper than to her beauty? Sad? And what about him? Is he bored by his reading (or her)? Or concentrated? Is it even a newspaper he’s reading – or maybe the menu in a fancy restaurant? — Ah, I love making up stories to pictures….

2 // Cute crochet deer


{via // click for source}

Isn’t it super-cute? This would be such a perfect self-made gift for a little girl…

3 // D.I.Y.: 2013 Memory Jar

Bild 2

I found this little project a while ago on Pinterest and I quite liked the idea of collecting all your favourite moments of a year in a jar, so that on New Year’s Eve, you can take the papers out of the jar and read them again. For my 2013 Memory Jar, I used a plain marmelade jar from the supermarket, spray-painted the lid golden (to cover the brand logo), used some washi tape to label it – and voilà, finished. The first thing I put into were the results of the lead-pouring we did on New Year’s Eve. {F.Y.I.: Mine turned into some sort of Venetian mask or weird glasses or whatever. But no one was able to tell me what that means for my future…}

PiNight – An evening on Pinterest

Last night was excellent for “pinning” – there was heaps to be found on Pinterest!

{I doubt you haven’t heard about Pinterest – but in case you really haven not clue: It is an online Pinboard on which you can “collect” links and images}

I found so many exciting things, recipes, photographs and now I feel like sharing some of the coolest stuff I found.

But let’s talk about personal hygiene first, shall we?

Don’t worry, I don’t really want to talk to you about personal hygiene, I just wanted to tell you that I quite like loofah sponges (who doesn’t!) – and apparently, these ladies like them, too:

For instructions on how to make yourself a loofah costume for halloween (or any other occassion, like a bath-themed costume party or whatever else you might be up to) have a look here, on the razmataz blog.

Speaking of D.I.Y. … over on “I Spy DIY” is a great tutorial on how to make your own star stamped shirt: {click image for direct link}

You probably know by now that I have a thing for… porn. Not what you are thinking! I’m talking about food porn here! Pretty photography of even prettier food. ^^ Like this:

And especially this one:

Doesn’t it look heavenly? *swoon*

The recipe (and lot’s of other pretty things) can be found over on Jelanie’s Blog, go and check it out NOW!

There are tons of other cool pins I could tell you about but why don’t you head over to my pin boards and have a look at what else I’ve discovered yourself?

Enjoy your PiNight/Day!

Spidey | WEEKEND WIND UP #58

Did you hear that scream?

Yeah, I have to admit, that was me. I have a good excuse, though: when I was just taking a shower I found this huge, gigantic spider in the shower cabin, right above my head.

So what does a clever girl in a situation like this?

Well, since I’m a multitasker, I did two things: I screamed and I debated whether the spider was just a normal spider (and therefore worth the screaming) or one of the radio-active type that would bite me and transform me into Spiderwoman.

Not ideal, because as much as I love comic book characters and think that Spiderman is pretty cool… Batman is just way cooler.

I’ve seen some cool comic book character-stuff on Pinterest and on the web (no pun intended, haha) lately and now feels like the perfect time to share with you.

Have a look at my favourites:

{Superhero cake via Pinterest (;  Wolverine print via ffffound (; Superhero Cross Stitch Pattern via Pixel People on Etsy (; Batcan via imgfave (; Wonder Woman & Batman cross stitch phone cover via weelittlestitches (; Keep Calm poster via (; Superhero Cupcakes via Incr-Edible Cakes (}

The Big Knit ||

Have I showed you these?

My contribution to The Big Knit: lot’s of colourful little hats.

Next week they’ll hit the stores, each and every one of them crowning a fruit smoothie bottle.

I was a bit sad when I had to put them in a little box and send them off to the hosts of The Big Knit in Germany, because these little hats are so colourful and really make some good decoration on an empty book shelf… but it goes to a good cause, after all.

Have you finished any projects lately? 

The cat & the jar | WEEKEND WIND UP #52

You probably recognise him – this is my cat, Luigi.

Mischief managed!

I love my kitten, but I also love looking at artwork that incorporates cat motives.

Have a look at some of my favourites:

1. A colourful coffee jar transformed into a “cat” jar by Eric Barclay

2.  Pretty print by Donna McKenzie (via corelladesign)

3. Lego art (via flickr/marioanders)

4. No post without coffee – cat coffee art via curiousphotos

Now don’t ask me which one is my favourite, I couldn’t possibly choose one, they are all so beautiful. (Especially this one here, haha!)

I would certainly love to have that Donna McKenzie print hanging on the wall of my lounge one day. And the cat jar on my kitchen counter. And my future kids would play with the giant Lego cat while I sip my cat art flat white.

Which one do you like best? 

People find coffeerocketfairytale when…

… they use search terms like:

  • All Blacks Pumpkin – why would you search for that? Anyway, I did it too, and found one:

    {click for source}

  • mangos – yum!
  • weheartit photography related to energy – wonder what that looks like
  • gameboy chocolate cake me – obviously this person thought he/she was a gameboy-shaped chocolate cake… {I actually google-searched that one, too, but all I could find was a Gameboy toast:}

  • cactus soil – legitimite, since I blogged about cacti here and here
  • rock n roll bakery – oh hell, yes!
  • jon hamm – mentioned him once I think…
  • when you have a important decision to make flip a coin  
  • sadje – ???
  • tool shaped candy – yeah, obviously I’m an expert…
  • heart shape as a puzzle outline – not sure what that’s supposed to mean and why they found us with that search term…
  • ridiculous stuff made – yup, coffeerocketfairytale is the place where you find “ridiculous”
  • i’m too pretty to work– so am I

    {click for source}

  • bon jovi new jersey buttons – If you find any, send me some over, please!
  • maths tumblr – Maths? Me? Wrong time, wrong place, buddy!
  • how to make flat white – Coffee, however, is one thing I know all about.
  • what really happened, what really can’t happen – So what did happen in the end?
  • jon bon jovi/bathing suit – Very intrigued by that search term…
  • what is the “working end” in crochet – that’s the long part of the thread, the one you are actually working with, just in case anyone was wondering.