In my kitchen


This is where you can find all recipes on the blog, all in one place. If you want to find out more about what’s happening in my kitchen, you can either click the link or use the category cloud on the bottom of the main page. Happy Baking!


☛ Chocolate Fudge Pie (click here)

☛ Layer cake (click here)

Heart-shaped Strawberry Cake (click here & click here)

Apple Pie (click here)

Pumpkin Pie (click here)

All Blacks’ Velvet Cheesecake (click here)


☛ Brownies  (click here)

☛ Double B: Buttercream Brownies (click here)

 Roast Apple Cookies (click here)

☛ Chocolate Cupcakes à la Sabrina (click here)

☛ White Choc Muffins (click here)

☛ Frosting for Cupcakes/Muffins  (click here)

☛ Lemon Cake Blueberry Muffins (click here)

☛  Coffee Cupcakes (click here)

  Tiramisu Cupcakes (click here)

☛ Oreo Cupcakes (click here)

☛ Mini-Marshmallow Cupcakes (click here)

☛ Cake-sicles & Cupcakes (click here)

☛ Christmas Cake-sicles (click here)

☛ Cupcake Fondue (click here)

☛ Chocolate Truffles (click here)

☛ Oreo Truffles (click here)

☛ Black and White Chocolate Bark with coconut, almonds and hazelnut brittle (click here)

☛ Christmas Cookies  click here)

☛ Smartie cookies ~ GIFT IDEA ~ (click here)

☛ St. Patrick’s Day sugar cookies (shamrock sugar cookies) (click here)

☛ Bite-sized Filo Pastry Turnovers (click here)

☛  Sushi (click here)

☛ Candy cane coffee (click here)

☛ Christmas Liquor (click here)

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