Random Stuff


This is a collection of random posts. Here is where you find all sorts of things and instructions. Whether you need to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift or want to find out how to care for cacti and succulents – this is the place where you find help.

☛ …get unusual baking equipment  (click here and here)

☛ …go online-shopping (click here)

☛ …create your own super hero (click here)

…make X-Mas shopping easier (click here)

…keep calm and carry on (click here)

…split your headphones (click here)

 …find out if Cupid’s arrow stung you (click here)

…take care of cacti and succulents  (click here)

☛  … live a rock’n’roll lifestyle (click here and here)

☛  … cut mangos (click here)

☛ … display your PEZ collection (click here)

☛ … connect with fellow bloggers worldwide (click here)

☛  … use your DSLR camera (click here)

☛ … receive a letter from the past (click here)

☛ … celebrate the finale of the RWC in style (click here and here)

☛ … ice-skate in style (click here)

☛ … get yourself in the mood for Christmas/holiday seasen (click here)

☛ … find a book that appeals to end-times enthusiasts, Goth foodies, fans of Cake Wrecks and anyone looking for a lighter take on Armageddon (click here)

☛ … find the best food blogs online (click here

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