One Night Love Affair

Imagine that: Me, sound asleep in my bed, enjoying a wonderful afternoon nap (didn’t get enough sleep last night, but let’s talk about this later) and nice dreams – then my phone rings.

I jump out of bed, now wide awake, as you are the first 30 seconds when are being rudely awakened, and answer the phone.

There goes the operator: “Hello. Someone tries to call you from abroad and asks you to pay for the call. It will cost you…”

No further information on who would call and from which country they are.

What the heck? I just hung up and tossed the phone away ’cause this computer-generated message had rip-off written all over it. Well, not literally “written”, but you get what I mean, right?

But once I actually started to wake up (like, really wake up as opposed to ‘being awake’ as in ‘not asleep’) I began to wonder.

After all, I had never had a phone call from abroad other than on Skype. So what if there are computer-voiced operators who tell you nothing but the amount of money you have to pay to take the call, nowadays?

(And what if it was something important? Like Hollywood wanting to buy the rights to turn my life into a movie? Or Bollywood, while we’re at it…)

Aaaaanyways – to cut the long story short: I just wanted to check with you guys that none of you actually just used the good old telephone to reach me this arvo. (Just making sure I didn’t dismiss the chance to talk to you.)

Now let’s move on to the subject of why I didn’t get enough sleep last night.

The reason is Canadian and puts on awesome life shows.

I’m talking about Bryan Adams.

Mum and I went to see his show in Stuttgart last night and believe me if I say it was one hell of a night.

He might be-…… Oh my God, as I’m typing this, I just realised they used my photo (the one I shared on Instagram/Twitter shortly after the show last night) in the tour diary on the official BA website. Without picture credit. But it’s mine. It’s mine.

See, here it is again. Same thing.

Actually, I’m quite proud. Yesterday I was featured on the big screen with one of my tweets (with byline), today there is my pic. Oh my God.

Yeah, sorry, I realise I’m totally slipping off into rambling-mode here, but I am actually a little bit taken aback right now.

Somewhere in between anger (copyright infringement? No, not really, but it would have been nice to have my name there so that people know that I have taken the pic) and proud and happiness.

Yay. They posted my pic!

Actually… he’d better make sure they give me credit. I’m an entertainment journalist. I could totally ruin him.

Naaahhh… wouldn’t do that. 🙂 His show was too awesome for me to do him any harm. I love music.


Last Minute SOS Christmas Spirit Supply | WEEKEND WIND UP #55

Have you found your Christmas spirit yet?

No? (If you have, just pretend you haven’t and go with it. Or just read on to find out how to play out your Christmas fantasies.) 

Well, it’s two days before Christmas, so you better hurry up and find it!

If you’re not in the mood for some quality time with your friends and family, gift wrapping and unwrapping, charol singing, decorating your tree and kissing under the mistletoe, I know exactly what you need.

You need Diesel.

Diesel is the Spirit of Christmas (at least he says so) and he is a ficitional character brought to you by Janet Evanovich (one of my favourite writers, which you probably know by now) in her Stephanie Plum Between-The-Numbers Novels.

You probably guessed it: whether you are eagerly awaiting Christmas or not – “Visions of sugar plums” is the perfect book for you in any case.

Still not quite excited about the upcoming holidays yet?


Have some cookies, maybe that’ll help.

And listen to some (or all) of these songs:

Okay, now if all of that hasn’t put a smile on your face, you’re a tough case.

Then I’ve got only one ultimate solution to finally get your Christmas cheer going: booze.

How about some candy cane coffee?

You need a cup of coffee, one teaspoon cocoa powder, one shot crème de menthe and a candy cane for my version. (Alternatively, you could follow this recipe video.)

That was The Last Minute SOS Christmas Spirit Supply brought to you by coffeerocketfairytale. 🙂

Have a very merry Christmas and a couple of wonderful days with your loved ones!

How I made a nana cake and almost burned down the house…

So this is it.

The infamous cake that caused me to set my kitchen on fire.

It is – by the way – the very same infamous cake I had promised to tell you about before but never got around to do so, because when I tried to make it the first time everything just went horribly wrong (and yet the cake had been eaten before I was able to take a picture – because if I had taken a pic, I still would have been able to tell you about the disaster at least.)

Anyway, disaster is the key word when speaking of this cake.

I have strictly followed the recipe, though.

The recipe is from my nana’s favourite cook book, one of her most treasured posessions (not the nana with the hand-written recipes, this time it’s the other one who passed away when I was very little, but I still remember her delicious cakes!)

I mixed 250 g butter, 250 g sugar, 1 sachet vanilla sugar/a few drops of vanilla essence, 2 eggs, 4 egg yolks and 2 tablespoons rum.

I added 150 g plain flour, 100 g corn flour and 3 teaspoons baking powder.

I beat 4 egg whites until stiff and folded them in.

When I had all of this done, there was no fire in sight.

Everything was fine, so I continued.

I greased a loaf pan and lined it with greased baking parchment (again – everything according to the instructions in the recipe book).

I put two tablespoons of the dough into the pan, put it in the oven and turned on the grill.

According to the recipe, you’re supposed to bake the cake under the grill for about two minutes, then spread over another layer of dough, bake it again for another two minutes and so on until all the dough is gone.

So after two minutes, I took the cake out of the oven and although the baking parchment was slightly darker than usual, the cake looked fine:

So I put two more spoons of dough into the pan, put everything back into the oven – and at some stage between that moment and 120 seconds later, the baking parchment must have caught fire, because when I opened the oven two minutes later, my cake was ablaze.

Although my cake was on fire, I was one lucky girl for two reasons:

a) After the baking parchment was burned down and all was left was ashes, the fire burned out so that I could grab the pan, throw it into the sink and distinguish each and every possible remaining trouble spot with water.

b) The cake caught fire at the beginning. This means, I had a lot of dough left over, so I quickly greased another loaf pan and continued making my cake.

Except, this time, I didn’t act according to the recipe.

I just didn’t want to use baking parchment again.

I cut the cake in smaller pieces and covered them with chocolate icing. Also according to recipe, by the way.

Ironically, the first thing that came to my mind was “I’m On Fire” by Bruce Springsteen – and then I spent the whole day thinking of other songs relating to fire in one way or another… 

“The Fire Inside” by Bon Jovi

“Light My Fire” by The Doors

“Smoke On The Water” by Deep Purple

“Fight Fire With Fire” by Kansas

“Wheel In The Sky” by Journey

“Ring Of Fire” by Johnny Cash

“We Didn’t Start The Fire” by Billy Joel

“London’s Burning” by The Clash 

“Hearts On Fire” by Bryan Adams

Summertime ~ Summer wine | WEEKEND WIND UP #1(II)

My TOP FIVE activities to spend a hot summer’s weekend:

1) DRINK ICED COFFEE – I love iced coffee on a hot day.

COLD AS ICE: Iced coffee at my favourite Wellington café.

It cools you down and gives you your daily caffeine kick. A perfect activity to spend the day alone or with friends, at home or out.

At home: Brew some coffee and let it cool down. Put two or three scoops of vanilla-flavoured ice cream in a cup, pour the coffee over the ice cream, put a little bit of cream on top. Serve with straw and spoon and enjoy!

Out: Go to your favourite ice cream parlour or ask your favourite barista – they might do iced coffee at your fav café, too!

2) GO SWIMMING – My favourite summer activity. It cools you down, although you are exercising your muscles. And what is cooler than going to the beach? Alone, with your bestie, your significant other or with a hole bunch of people it’ll be fun. If you go by yourself, take a book, a crossword, your diary, some music. If others join you, take a deck of cards or a board game, a frisbee or a soccer ball.

3) HAVE A BARBIE! – After a good swim, I’m hungry. So I light the fire and have a BBQ. Not so much fun by myself, but there are always people around that are in for some sausages, steaks, grilled feta and my famous greek-style pasta salad (a mix of cooked pasta, courgettes/zucchini tomatoes, olives, onions, herbs and a dressing of lemon juice, vinegar, garlic, salt and pepper).

4) LIE ON A SUN LOUNGER – With my head in the shade, a good book and my iPod, life couldn’t be better. All I need is now to…

5) MAKE A JUG OF ICED TEA – Yum. Black tea (cooled down), sugar, lemon/orange juice, sliced lemons and ice cubes. Nothing better than this.

TEA TIME: Iced tea with lots of lemon is the best cool-down you can get.

JUKEBOX – My summer music:

♬ “Summertime” (Bon Jovi) ♬

♬ “I’m yours” (Jason Mraz) ♬

♬ “Girls in their summer clothes” (Bruce Springsteen) ♬

♬ “Summer of ’69” (Bryan Adams) ♬

♬ “Summer wine” (The Corrs & Bono) ♬

How do you spend summer and what are your favourite summer songs?