D.I.Y. // Hearty Pin Cushion & Box

Today I have a little D.I.Y. for you: a pin cushion-box-set.


My mum had this very old but practical little plastic box/pin cushion-all-in-one set. That kind where you have a little box to store your pins but also a little pin cushion on top, so you can use it for storage as well as work with it. Naturally plastic wears out, so a little while ago the box broke and mum has been looking for a new one for months. In the end, I bought a little wooden box and decided to make one myself. And today I’d like to share with you how I did it.

This little project is one I like for various reasons: it’s cheap (I went under €5, especially because it includes things you will find in most households anyway), it’s easy (suuuuper-easy, believe me), it’s quickly done (because it’s so easy) and there are thousands of possibilities in terms of colours, size and looks. I used a heart in a different colour to be in the centre of the pin cushion, but in fact you can use any shape you want, a star, a rainbow, even a unicorn I guess (given the fact you can cut out a unicorn free-hand – I couldn’t). And above all, it looks cute.

First, I spray-painted the little box gold (mainly because I still have so much spray-paint left-over and because I really like using it). Then I collected all material I wanted to use: two different colours of felting (you can go with only one colour or with even more, if you like), a needle and matching thread (I used pink, but blue would have looked great, too), a pair of scissors, darning wool, a few safety pins and some mod podge(1). 

I used a plain sqaure of 13×13 cm in pink (the box is about 5 cm in diameter), folded it in half and cut out half a heart in the centre of the felting (2).

Bild 2I cut out a smaller square of blue felting (the size depends on the size of the heart, it should be slightly bigger than the cut-out heart) and attached it on the back (3), handstitching along the edges of the heart (4).

I put a small fist-full of darning wool in the centre of the square (still on the back where you can only see the blue square obviously), brought the four corners together and used a few wild stitches and two safety pins to bring the edges together and turn it all into a little round-ish package. As you can see in the picture below, my stitches are really wild and this looks rather unprofessional – but the safety pins (from which you can only see one, because the other one is covered by two or three layers of felting) are really helpful, especially if you are using a really thin thread like I did. 

Bild 3

Eventually, I applied some mod podge to the lid of the little golden box and put the pin cushion on top. It took about 12 hours to dry but now you can’t even see the safety pins. I put in some pins and also stuck some into the pin cushion and voilà – the gift was ready to be presented to my mum (who, by the way, is really happy to finally have that old, broken plastic box replaced). 



PiNight – An evening on Pinterest

Last night was excellent for “pinning” – there was heaps to be found on Pinterest!

{I doubt you haven’t heard about Pinterest – but in case you really haven not clue: It is an online Pinboard on which you can “collect” links and images}

I found so many exciting things, recipes, photographs and now I feel like sharing some of the coolest stuff I found.

But let’s talk about personal hygiene first, shall we?

Don’t worry, I don’t really want to talk to you about personal hygiene, I just wanted to tell you that I quite like loofah sponges (who doesn’t!) – and apparently, these ladies like them, too:

For instructions on how to make yourself a loofah costume for halloween (or any other occassion, like a bath-themed costume party or whatever else you might be up to) have a look here, on the razmataz blog.

Speaking of D.I.Y. … over on “I Spy DIY” is a great tutorial on how to make your own star stamped shirt: {click image for direct link}

You probably know by now that I have a thing for… porn. Not what you are thinking! I’m talking about food porn here! Pretty photography of even prettier food. ^^ Like this:

And especially this one:

Doesn’t it look heavenly? *swoon*

The recipe (and lot’s of other pretty things) can be found over on Jelanie’s Blog, go and check it out NOW!

There are tons of other cool pins I could tell you about but why don’t you head over to my pin boards and have a look at what else I’ve discovered yourself?

Enjoy your PiNight/Day!

Coffee Craft

You know me, the word “coffee” always instantly grabs my attention.

{click for source}

Also, I am always on the hunt for new D.I.Y. projects and fun crafty stuff to do.

Naturally, I came across these free coffee embroidery patterns on Mollie’s blog “Wild Olive“.

They are so pretty, but other than embroidery, there are so many other wonderful coffee-related tutorials out there!

Cindy from “Skip to my Lou” can show you how to make fabric coffee cup sleeves.

Also very cute and relatively simple yet brilliant are these tutorials on how to make pretty flower ornaments and white wreaths out of coffee filters.

A great crochet tutorial for coffee cup amigurumi can be found on this blog here, by the way.

Do you know any coffee-related craft projects? Tell me about it!