Springtime visitor

We’ve all been longing eagerly for spring – the sun has hardly been out this year (and it’s April already!).

My dad put up bird houses and feeding places all over the garden and during winter we had a bunch of cute little visitors like sparrows, blackbirds and even doves from time to time. Dad decided to keep feedings the birds through summer as well (he’s a big fan of birds and also tries his best to save endangered species from extinction).

Last week, it looked like waiting for spring and feeding the birds finally paid off. The sun came out and this cute little (well, actually not so little) visitor showed:


A beautifully coloured woodpecker!


Isn’t he preicous? With this angle, it might not look quite like it, but I’ve actually taken these pictures from inside as he was sitting right in front of the lounge window, eating away on the fat balls and occassionally peeking inside to where I was sitting. Too cute!


A beauty, isn’t he!? Only a shame that Luigi wasn’t around to see him. I’m sure he would have liked that. (Luigi doesn’t catch birds, he makes friends with them. I’m not sure whether he is that lazy or just a really strange cat, but he would sit right next to a tiny sparrow and not even attempt to catch it…)

Another discovery

After having discovered at least one cool thing a day (remember the Flight of the Conchords-cupcakes and the Batman coffee?), I hereby officially declare this week discoverer’s week.

Yesterday and the day before it has been raining a lot (which was good because it has been dry, warm and sunny for months now and the soil just needed some water) and when I went outside this morning I found these little guys in the garden:

Aren’t they pretty?

I love little mushrooms, they are so nice to look at – their shape, their texture, their colour… pretty!

In other news – I bought a new bag.

Not very exciting, I know… but it is for me, especially because I decided to show you a different kind of picture of it.

Instead of simply taking a photo of it and showing it to you, I grabbed some pencils and charcoal and drew a picture of it.

Which I then photographed, so technically speaking what you’re seeing now is still a photograph…

Anyway – that’s my exciting new bag.