March Wrap-up

You’ve probably been wondering where I’ve been lately. Let me explain.

There are a few reasons for my absence from coffeerocketfairytale. One is the new Bon Jovi record, of course. It came out within the first week of March and I’ve been listening to nothing else since. I love it (even though I have to admit that it takes some time for me to get used to some of the songs – but once I’ve listened to them a couple of times, I’m madly in love. It always goes like this.)

Bild 2

Next reason – I have been job hunting like mad. I’ve been dying to tell you this and now that it’s somewhat “official” I can finally share the news with you. My final exams start in May and go through till July, which means I’ll have to get myself a new job until August 1. Actually, I could stay at the bakery where I’m currently working – they offered me a job, yay! – but I’m dying to gain new experience and see new places. I would love to work in a hotel so I’m currently running from one job interview to another and I’m quite positive that in the end everything will turn out just right.

Finally, I have even more exciting news for you: I’m currently working on a new project I am really excited about. You’ve probably realised that during the past year, I had more and more recipes of cakes and other sweet things published here on coffeerocketfairytale. I never wanted this to be a food blog, though. Coffeerocketfairytale is my personal blog where I write about everything I like – my hobbies, things I come across and everything I like. No need to change that. But at the same time, the desire to start a food blog – solely about baking – grew and I’m happy to announce that the day has come. As of today, there is a little corner on the internet where you can find all my recipes (soon) all in one place.

Bild 3

But there is even more to it. You might be surprised to find out that Zimtzauber & Zuckernebel is entirely written in German. I’m currently working on a way to get relevant recipes or articles delivered to you in English (without writing every article in both languages, because I did that before on my aotearoablog and it’s really a pain…). Also, I’m trying out Blogger, as you can see. Simply because I’m curios.

Apart from Nana’s 80th birthday which I haven’t talked about (and which kept me pretty occupied in terms of organisation and all) that’s about it. I don’t think any of the other things that kept me busy (work, school, exams and work again) would be of interest to you. And this wrap-up is long enough, I suppose.

What have you been up to lately?


From Ireland to Greece | WEEKEND WIND-UP #66

Ladies and gentlemen… um… yeah… well…

I guess another one of coffeerocketfairytale’s legendary wrap-up posts is over-due. 🙂

You might have noticed how unusual it is for me to be that quiet for such a long time and I think you have every right to know what I have been up to since disovering the taste of rhubarb water.

I went to Greece for a short holiday.

Originally, I had planned to visit Ireland – my friend and I wanted to hire a car and stay wherever we wanted to – but flights to Ireland simply overrun our budget so we decided to go to the beach instead.

We went to see a travel agent and were ready to book the flights and hotel – when my friend stood me up and told me she didn’t want to go away at all.

First, I was really dissappointed and angry at her (after all we had planned to go away for almost 3 months now but she waited until 10 days before the week we had planned to go to tell me she changed her mind). I have had a whole lot of trouble to get that particular week off work so eventually I decided to go alone.

And that was my best decision ever. Going on holiday all alone is awesome. You can relax, sleep as long as you want, go wherever you want, do whatever you want. Perfect.

I went to Rhodos, Greece, where I had been before but stayed in a different hotel this time.

It was right near the beach where the water was crystal clear. There were more locals than tourists and I enjoyed the tranquility, the sound of the waves and the heat.

I went on a boat trip to the island of Symi where I ate Symi shrimps.

On another day I visited the Old Town of Rhodos with its magnificent history and arcane buildings.

And I spent a whole lot of time at the beach or at the pool reading, relaxing and drinking frappé:

Sadly, even the best holiday comes to an end and when I got back home I had my brother’s 30th birthday to organise.

It was a hell of a party and I made a huga cake for him.

And then there was Milow. You know Milow? The Beglian guy with the funny lyrics… “I sometimes wish you were a mermaid so I could raise you in the tub at home…”

The girls from work had bought tickets in February and for months now we have been looking forward to the show – and it was awesome!

We had lots of fun that night and I can assure you that Milow’s songs are live as perfect as they sound on the record (because don’t you hate it when you really really like an artists’s record and then find out that they suck when performing live?  – Well, that’s not the case with Milow, he is excellent on stage.)

Now I’m back to “normal” life after all these great summer experiences and I’ve got a whole bunch of things to do.

Right now, I design my next special cake for another competition at a trade fair in Munich in October (and this time I can choose the topic or motto for the cake myself, so that’s going to be rather exciting!).

And what are you up to these days?