Don’t miss: Rhubarb Water

Let me give you an insider tipp. Very in fashion this summer: rhubarb water.

Last year it was elderflower syrup, this year people go all crazy about rhubarb water.

It’s super-yummy and if you haven’t tried it… shame!

I used some rhubarb syrup I bought at the farmer’s market on the weekend, filled it up with some tap water and added two ice cubes.

And yes, I used my Captain & Cola glass. You gotta drink with style, right!?

P.S.: If you can’t find rhubarb syrup at your local farmer’s market have a look at Carol’s blog here – she put together an awesome recipe (you need to hurry, though, it’s already a bit late for rhubarb…)  

P.P.S.: Both, elderflower syrup as well as rhubarb syrup make for great cocktails! Use your imagination (I’m always tempted to say “Use your illusion” because I love pop-cultural references and playing with words, but then I always keep thinking it might be a bit weird for you to read whatever goes through my ming. On the bright side – this is what you came here for, right? Yeah… anyway… no blog post on coffeerocketfairytale without a little bit of rambling… Love y’all! ^^) 

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